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Small is Powerful

Unlocking a new frontier in clean energy procurement. 

Powertrust & Salesforce
Partnership Announcement 

The Powertrust Advantage

For corporate climate leaders looking to decarbonize their global footprint with maximum impact. 


Powertrust identifies grids with the highest emission factors and delivers projects that are positioned to have the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions in the region. 

Social Impact

Powertrust reduces energy poverty by sourcing high impact projects that focus on electrifying schools, hospitals, and small businesses in emerging markets.


The Powertrust platform offers accountability, traceability and transparency with real time reporting.


Powertrust ensures that new renewable energy projects are being financed. 

Changing the way
renewable energy is distributed 

Powertrust gives corporations access to small renewable energy projects at scale and in locations that truly maximize social and climate impact. 

We aggregate the highest impact renewable energy projects around the world, offering corporate climate leaders a credible, verifiable, and transparent way to address emissions.



A global footprint means
opportunities to act

Solar Panels on Trees

We are aggregating small distributed renewable energy projects to reach gigawatt scale. 

Because Small is Powerful. 

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