Purchase portfolios consisting of
high-quality, distributed renewable energy projects sourced from regions with the highest carbon intensities
A kWh generated in the US avoids the equivalent of 402 g of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere
powertrust portfolio projects make
three to six times the CO2 impact.
powertrust identifies and focuses on developments in regions with the highest carbon emission intensities, where additional clean energy can make a greater difference.
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Maximizing your climate impact

powertrust portfolios are thoughtfully curated based on attributes such as location, carbon intensity of metered generation, and the potential climate impact of each additional project.

Three main criteria are evaluated when powertrust chooses a project:


Project Location

Our projects are located in regions that aligns with SDG 7 and 13 goals, providing equal and affordable access to renewable energy

Dirty Alternatives

We target both grid or off-grid sites with the highest carbon emission intensities so that our renewable energy has a higher climate impact

Community Impact

powertrust prioritizes projects that provide energy for hospitals, schools and local businesses

powertrust facilitates the development of distributed renewable energy projects in Africa, South America and Asia
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powertrust is co-leading a UN energy compact focused on mobilizing the private sector for a just energy transition