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Barriers and boundaries are preventing corporations from investing in renewable energy projects with most impact. 

Powertrust's model removes these barriers by aggregating small projects to create impact and scale in an accountable and transparent way.

Beyond Carbon Impact 

Powertrust projects focus on more than displacing dirty grids with clean energy. 


We focus on high impact projects that also address several UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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We Believe Location Matters

Powertrust projects are located in countries that have the highest CO2 intensity. These projects displace the dirtiest fuels, such as diesel generators and coal, with renewable energy. 

Renewable energy built in emerging markets can have 3-6x the climate impact of renewable energy built in North America or Europe.


The agility and flexibility of small renewable projects make them well suited to the Global South, where the social and environmental impacts are greatest.  

We Believe We Must Address  Climate Justice 

Over 759 million people continue to lack access to basic electricity and another 2 billion people suffer from inadequate and unreliable access. 

Powertrust catalyzes energy projects to address low access rates. Our projects power schools, hospitals, factories, farms and households across the Global South. 

By investing in these projects, corporate climate leaders are helping communities in the Global South accelerate clean energy deployment.

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